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IZNAB - Innovation Oriented to Business

IZNAB Sp. z o.o.

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IZNAB Sp. z o.o. (IZNAB) is an engineering-consultancy SME, focused on Cost-Effective processing technologies for Energy-efficient Buildings, Smart & Green Transport, Clean & Green Energy, Environmental and Nano-Bio-Technology applications. The company headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland. IZNAB is capable of providing a specialized service in this field involve precise identification of our customers’ needs: from the selection (and supply) of promising raw materials & innovative techniques/processing technologies, optimized design & integration, up to the application and complete execution of solutions. The goal and strategy of IZNAB is to apply a whole new analysis technique in order to improve High-performance materials, Energy-efficiency and to reduce GHG emission from overall industrial/building facilities. IZNAB Team have high expertize in design, optimization and integration of new compatible eco-innovative cost- and energy-efficient manufacturing technologies and processes, by using the latest tools for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA/LCCA) and applying it to understand the behaviour of innovative materials/complex structure, characterizing them, as well as application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) into the modelling of industrial processes and equipment, as well as in buildings. We achieve this using simulation programs, such as TRNSYS, and SimaPro. IZNAB invest on Research and Development which enhances the creation of new products and services by expanding the scope of applications in the various areas and build common standards. The guarantee of succeeding in IZNAB solutions is based on the Polish engineering acumen and the enhancement of technical know-how progress through close cooperation with the Academic world.



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Nazwa: IZNAB Sp. z o.o.

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