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lung ventilator B1

Aspect Medical LLC

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Area of cooperation: Infant/Pediatric (>=5 kg) - adult lung ventilator B1. General technical specification: - turbine drive type - 12" touchscreen, full-color display - integral expiratory and inspiratory valves - 5 hours internal battery operation time - automatic selection of the starting parameters of the ventilation with the entry of body weight with regards to the IBW index and the patient's growth General technology transfer model: Aspect medical provide customer with following transfer agreement: 1. Technical file 2. Software (license) might be included into 3. Electronic modules or 4. Assembly kit

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Benefits: - Complete solution ready to be implement at favorable price - Local Government protectionism at National tenders - 24/7 technical support by experience personnel of Aspect Medical - High-class ventiltor with full set of state-of-art modes - Improvement of local system of healthcare, real help to millions og your country's citizens - Option for export activities




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Nazwa: Aspect Medical LLC

NIP: 6686001888

Adres www: http://nan

Typ podmiotu: Kancelaria prawna

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