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A special feature of the oscillating propulsion system is its propulsion with a two-speed propulsion, which increases the rotation speed for one direction six times and triple the speed for the second direction of the drive in a ratio of 1: 3, which allows driving at speeds above 40 km / h with a vehicle with small running wheels. Thanks to the use of independent foot and handwheel levers in the drive, which bi-directional swinging movement is converted into a one-way rotary motion, it ensures a large number of applications of the assembly in various drive configurations and vehicle construction variants.

Zalety / korzyści z zastosowania technologii

An important advantage is the multi-speed drive system thanks to the smooth and stepless change of the angular movement of the drive lever depending on the driving resistance, which allows you to maintain a constant level of effort, which intuitively adjusts the rate and duration of work performed during one drive cycle, providing unparalleled comfort driving, regardless of the change of resistance and speed. Unrivaled drive parameters in relation to the current designs of small-size vehicles that do not have an additional drive with the possibility of changing driving parameters, while some solutions with electric drive requiring continuous charging of heavy batteries with limited range of movement at a speed adapted to the speed of vehicles powered by muscle power are a dubious facilitation the civilization of a healthy society that completely restricts movement, which is the essence of life, prolongs its duration and is of great importance not only for muscles but also for joints. Therefore, the team fueled by the most ecological and pro-health muscle power has a chance to take a dominant position in the segment of the market for prevention through sport and recreation, because the "cyclists community" is increasing in proportion to the growing awareness of the society. It also has innovative technical and technological potential to launch serial production, because the kinematic parameters of the transmission and drive unit supported by calculations have been confirmed practically during the prototype testing and testing, performed according to full construction documentation and on the test bench for speed tests and measurements. This allows achieving the optimal strategic and commercial success as the driving force of the company's development, because the factor triggering technical progress is competition of ideas, product quality and rationality of production methods that the presented product meets.

Zastosowanie rynkowe

The use of the drive with hand or foot lever and simultaneous drive with these levers, especially activates the whole body muscles and is important in the selection of individual personalization of the drive depending on the activity and preferences of the user due to age or physical fitness, which effort also stimulates the various organs in a beneficial way. inside. The essence of the beneficial influence of this drive on driving means relaxation and is a pleasure for the body and spirit. The modular assembly and unique features of the drive for maneuvering small vehicles, when changing the chassis allows you to make vehicles of different construction varieties adapted to the season, which can perfectly serve the disabled as well as move on snow and water. In contrast, the drive transmission mechanism in another embodiment may also apply to the use of wave energy on water bodies in which continuous wavy movement of water can be converted into multiple rotational motion to drive power generators.




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