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Logo wpisu Systemy dla biznesu (ERP, BI, Własne, Software house)

Systemy dla biznesu (ERP, BI, Własne, Software house)

Hogart sp z o.o.

Opis technologii / usługi

We specialize in delivering solutions based on our own technology platform that enable us to collect data, visualize and trensfer to any destination. We know how to collect data from any sources and formats (db, tzt, csv, xls, xml, api and so on), vizualize it, do any kind of validation according to XSD or other requirements, manipulate data, convert to any format and send via web, or email or export to any db, txt, csv etc. Thanks to our technology we very offen work on the edge of different systems and data bases, we create specific solutions, interfaces, or modules of special needs, as for instans new needed for propoer reporting to local tax or other institutions. We prepared based on this technology modules that we integrate with SAP, IFS, Microsoft, Oracle, Infor etc. Simultanously other our departtments work on traditional impelmentations of ERP, BI or planning and budgeting or workflow systems. Summary about us and what we deliver: 27 years of experience Hogart is well established on Polish market brand We have broad IT knowledge We have technologies, we specialize in: Integration for any ERP (SAP, IFS, Microsoft, Infor, Oracle etc.) Automation/Robotics Software on demand ERP BI & any reporting in that financial Localization (in that very strong Polish one) We have broad range of software and modules produced by us (for SAP, IFS any ERP), in that: Invoicing web application Debt collection automation module JPK (SAF-T VAT reporting) White List Active VAT tax payer eStatements eDeclarations ZSMOPL reporting for pharma companies And many others Experienced in international environment projects (EU, even Nigeria J) Broad accounting and finance knowledge We are open for any other business interesting proposals/opportunities for cooperation, even not IT, we know the market and we are very good in business management. Maybe there exist a company that want to start a business in Poland and need experienced professionals. We have planty of customers - few houndreds. We have aprovals in agreements to mention about those companies that are our clients: Sogecap, SGS, Sitel, Ford, Superfish, Paul Hartmann, ThyssenKupp, Credit Suisse, UPC, Pfizer Trading, Acciona, Medicover, HBO, PKO, Accor, IKEA, Boiron, Egis, Ewopharma, Henry Kruse molteni Stomat, Pharmaselect, Galpharm, Stada, Homag, White Star real estate, Super-pharm, Galeco, Franke, Berlin Chemie, DSV International, Firestone Industrial Products, Galeco, Hosso Vision H2, Toyota Material Handling, Boiron, Colgate-Palmolive, G.R. Lane Health Products Ltd, Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, Ipsen Pharma SAS, Johnson&Johnson, Vifor (international) AG More about us:

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full automation alerts on demand reliability multi-access multi-language ready to use platform import from any sources export to any sources in that ms excel data vizualization, filtering, sorting or grouping data full data backup - data is secured audit trial of data

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process automation system integration




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Nazwa: Hogart sp z o.o.

NIP: 5270202093

Kraj: Polska

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Wielkość: Małe

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